Education is one of the main factors to be able to achieve the prosperity of a nation, as expressly stipulated in article 31 paragraph (1) of the Constitution which states that every citizen has the right to education. Subsection (2) asserts that every citizen is obliged to follow the basic education and the government must pay for it. Paragraph (3) provides that the Government shall establish and conduct a national education system, which increases the faith and devotion and noble character in the context of the intellectual life of the nation, governed by law.

While paragraph (4) assigns the state to prioritize education spending at least 20 percent of budget revenue and expenditure (budget) as well as from revenue budget (budget) to meet the needs of national education.

Rules contained in Section (4) shows how important education priorities and how on earth this archipelago. A total of 20 percent or one-fifth of the central government budget and one fifth of local government budgets should be allocated for education.

Thus, it is clear that our country put first priority on education by allocating the largest budget of all sectors. Education is a sector which is considered the highest priority because it touches directly the rights of society, and is closely related to human resource development of the future.

In the effort to improve the accessibility and quality of national education, since a few years ago the government has disbursed aid the development of education in the form of the Special Allocation Fund (DAK) in Education.